News Group Newspapers Limited and Others v.v. The Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis


By the Tribunal's Judgment dated 17 December 2015, which should be read together with this Judgment, the Tribunal made findings of fact and determinations as to liability. No remedy was granted to the first three Complainants by virtue of the terms of s 6(2(b) of the HRA. Applying the principles of the ECtHR, and the Tribunal's jurisprudence, the Tribunal was satisfied that, within the terms of s.8(4) of the HRA, an award of damages or compensation is not "necessary to afford just satisfaction to the person in whose favour it is made". Just satisfaction is provided by the declaration as to the infringement of Mr Woodhouse's rights, and the destruction in the same terms as that agreed by the Respondent in respect of the other Complainants.

Judgment dated : 4 Feb 16

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